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Souber DBB Morticer

Used and acclaimed by locksmiths and builders alike, the DBB morticer has proved itself an invaluable tool for anyone who fits mortice locks.

This high quality jig cuts a mortice for both the lock body and the face-plate quickly and easily--saving time and money.
Vertical guides, plus height and depth stops mean you cut where you want--never where you didn't intend.

The DBB kit includes the three most common size carbide-tipped wood cutting bits, supplied in a tough carry case
These are 19mm (CWB19), 22mm (CWB22), and 25mm (CWB25).

A wide array of additional wood-cutting and aluminum-cutting bits are available separately.

Also available are attachments for offset locks, small bodied locks, oversize doors, and across door drills (for electronic powered locks and transfer hinges)

The depths a Jig can cut are 90mm with the standard shaft (100mm without depth stop) 170mm with the long shaft (180mm without depth stop). Longer shafts are available.
The standard mortice jig will suit doors up to 55mm thick.
For doors 55mm+ use the DBB/HK/S housing kit which will suit doors up to 95mm thick.
For offset locks use offset Jig attachment DBB/HK/O.

Manufactured to the highest quality from the UK.

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