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Keyline Messenger Electronic Code Machine - with Battery and 240 Volt

For standard Edge cut, Laser / High Security and Dimple keys

Messenger® is Keyline’s on-the-go key cutting machine for laser, edge and dimple keys. It’s a compact and portable machine.

Messenger is controlled by an mobile or tablet App, which can cut by code, decode and copy keys.
Thanks to its portabilty, and because it's also battery powered, it can be used in a wide variety of work situations.

It’s very simple to use. In fact, the user can control all the machine functions through the KDT APP, using an Android smartphone or tablet.
The app has many new features, a new interface and the Keyline’s extensive database of car and door keys.

Messenger® is provided with 2 new clamps.
The Q clamp, for laser and dimple keys, is an innovation in the cutting of keys. With one unique clamp you can cut the main range of door keys.

The N clamp, for edge cut automotive keys, cuts symmetrically on both sides without the need to turn the key.

Both the hardware components and the software that runs the machine are developed by the R&D Team of Keyline.

With Messenger® you can provide commercial, residential, or automotive key cutting service anywhere, at any time, and with the utmost flexibility!

2 Year Warranty, and 2 Year Support and Updates Subscription Included

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